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Pass your driving test in no time with your free first lesson.

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Qualified Driving
& Experienced

We provide drivers that are fully qualified and approved, our drivers also have a wealth of experience behind them to ensure the best results.

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Driving Lessons

We want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible; our lessons are made to serve your needs and provide maximum understanding

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Planned Driving

Before your lesson starts, we will go through the lesson plan in detail, to ensure you have maximum understanding of what you’re about to do.

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Kerrys School Of Motoring Services

Driving Lessons modeled around you

Derby Driving Instructor

We provide a tailored driving expeience for just £25 per lesson

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10 Week Driving Course

10 Week driving course from just £200. 10 lessons for £20 per lesson

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Start Driving From just £10 per lesson

The Perfect Start, first 5 lessons for £50 Kerry's School Of Motoring

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If your a total beginner your first lesson is FREE, and your theory test is FREE. Note: We are cutting our prices ALL THE TIME, please call for up to date pricing

Please call for pricing information on singular lessons, crash courses and others services.

Learn to Drive in one week (20 HOUR COURSE)

The course normally runs Monday – Friday, but can run midweek to midweek if requested. Each day, the instructor meets you at your home or requested place of collection. Hours are arranged at 4 hours per day over 5 days, totalling 20 hours of tuition; an additional half hour being added each day to allow for a break during each 4 hour session to regain concentration. Daily starting times can be arranged to suit.

Semi-Intensive Course (20 HOUR COURSE)

The course is normally arranged during a 2 week period. Hours are arranged at 2 hours per day, over a total of 10 days, equating to 20 hours of tuition. Hours can be arranged to suit, with weekends also available. This course is particularly recommended for novice learners as daily hours of learning are less, allowing the client to digest / absorb information more thoroughly. Alternatively, the 20 hour course can be arranged over a 3 or 4 week period if required. Hours can be staggered over the given period to suit availability.

Road Safety

Road safety is very important when learning to drive, even when you have passed, hazards are everywhere on today’s roads and should be considered in any decision on the road, manoeuvring, parking, schools and crossings are just some of the situations that present potential hazards.

Kerry School Of Motoring recognise this, we will bring every scenario to your attention insuring road safety becomes second nature along with driving excellence making your on road experience safe and second to none.

Everyone who drives should do their part for road safety, everyone has responsibilities on the road doing their bit to avoid personal danger and danger to others. Distractions such as mobile phones, window obstructions like air fresheners, toys, stickers and teddy bears obstruct your view, giving you more blind spots increasing danger around you, little tips like this along with tuition with one of Kerry School Of Motoring instructors will take you a long way in the world of motoring and should be considered in all cases.

To ensure road safety and hazard perception we offer DVD’s CD ROM’s and books that show most cases and help improve your road safety.


The content for this page is being revised and republished, in the meantime the Theory Test Centre for Derby is as follows:

Driving theory test centre - Part Ground Floor East Wing
100 Mansfield Road - Derby - Derbyshire - DE1 3TT

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